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small businesses need cash to grow

Since 1991 Pre-Banc has been the Super Bowl Champion for providing Accounts Receivable Lines of Credit to businesses with working capital needs from $50K to $500K. We specialize in small businesses and understand their specific needs for capital.

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For 25 years, Pre-Banc has provided over 1 Billion Dollars helping small businesses "Funding Your Future Now."

If you believe we can provide the cash for your business needs, please give
us a call. We would welcome the opportunity.

Our service area covers all of the western United States.

  Pre-Banc Business Credit Inc.
  18818 Teller Avenue   Ste. 101
  Irvine, CA 92612

Loans will be made pursuant to the Department of Corporations Commercial Finance Lenders Law. California Finance Lender License #603-2225